A Passion for Excellence: Malama Auctions & Realty’s Service Philosophy

Explore Malama Auctions & Realty's dedication to providing exceptional service with a smile. Understand their passion for helping clients sell items and receive accurate appraisals, all with the utmost care.

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Experienced Leadership: John John Genovese Leading Malama Auctions & Realty to Excellence

Explore the world of auctions and real estate with experienced leader John John Genovese at the helm of Malama Auctions & Realty. Discover how his dedication to continuous learning and a comprehensive set of prestigious qualifications, including

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Meet the Visionaries: John Genovese Jr. and John John Genovese

Get to know the father-and-son duo behind Malama Auctions. Explore their history in the auction industry, from California to Kauai, and their transition to Hawaii's thriving market.

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