A Master of Dream Arts – Thomas Christian Wolfe


ThomasThomas Christian Wolfe has enjoyed international recognition for his art since 1972 – continuously producing epic works with keenly developed eye for original concept, impeccable design, and a masterful execution. His astute fine art background gives uncommon depth to his works for the digital art and animation world of today.

Wolfe’s expertise crosses the creative gamut, as his abilities not only encompass a multitude of illustrative and animated platforms, but also include conceiving and creating multimedia events, story-writing, direction and music composition.

Wolfe created art since the age of 3, and music since he was 6, he began screenplays in his mid-twenties. In the beginning of his commercial art career, his talents were easily recognized – ultimately earning him the opportunity of training with LucasFilms prestigious Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).  Wolfe has also taught numerous painting seminars and workshops, as well as having formed one of the world’s top mural companies: The Masterworks, Atelier des Beaux Arts. – a fine art mural company dedicated to following the footsteps of the Masters of Old in the rendering of world-class murals.

Thomas Christian Wolfe’s distinguished career spans over three decades with epic murals and painting for prestigious clients including The California Academy of Sciences, The Oakland Museum, Yellowstone Club World’s Emerald Cay Private Island Estate, Kenny Loggins, Sony, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, Dreamworks, and many others. His work has been described as classical, romantic, epic, visionary, universal, and unforgettable!

Over the past decade his focus has evolved into the creation and direction of multi-media projects – utilizing varied talents of art, music, and writing. Two specific projects on his palette for the upcoming 2 years are Mo’olelo, A Hawaiian Tale – which is a multi-media performance based on Hawaii’s most epic legend – and The Messengers – a universal portrayal of Angels. Above all, Wolfe strives for the spiritual and divine in all he creates.

The story behind the 6′X10′ piece we have can be found here: HIKU and KEWALU





Up for Auction, Saturday August 17th at 11am, is a Thomas Christian Wolfe original, Wolfe will be present, Friday, August 16th 5pm-8pm for a free showing, at the Kauai Marriott Resort, of his piece and a multitude of other artists works.


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